Escaping Some Psycho at the PATH Station

Just before the pandemic, I decided that I would try to party. I went clubbing, to be exact. The most amazing part of the night was making out (at the same time) with two Norwegian guys who were studying at SUNY Maritime. Don't judge me. It was (semi) innocent fun, and they were extremely hot military guys from Norway. What else can I say?


After giving both of them a hug, I left to go back to Jersey from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This would require me to take the L train to the 14th street station, which also included the PATH train. This subsequently required me to go through a long winding array of tunnels to get to my train.

Well, somewhere along the way, I came to notice this man. He was of average height, probably in his 40s. I kid you not- the entire time I was in his presence, his eyes didn't leave my body. It felt like I was being hunted. I could practically feel the carnal, raw desire that people with manners tend to bury away.

"Hey." he said. "I have your hat."

I realized I was indeed missing my hat, which was an inexpensive one I had several copies of.

"It's okay. I don't need it." I replied. "But thanks."

I began to walk away, and he kept calling after me. "Hey!" he called out, despite me ignoring him.

"Hey! Wait! I wanna talk to you girl!"

He ended up following me onto the PATH train- staring at me. To make it clear I was onto him and not interested, I sternly stood up- my face stone, leaning towards the angry side. I sat down on the other end of the train, praying he would get off at one of the stops before me. Well, he didn't. Soon, we were nearing my stop at the time, which was the Journal Square PATH station.

He confirmed my worst nightmare by moving closer- sitting in the next row of seats- his eyes never leaving me.

Realizing he wasn't going to go away, my eyes began to water. I felt as though I was burst out into tears any minute. Instead, I stood up. "Look dude- stay away from me!" I yelled, very loudly, catching the attention of two of the guys sitting near me.

They were alert now, looking from the man, to me- putting the pieces together, probably.

The train stopped. Unfortunately, Journal Square was also the last stop. At this time, the train would stay at the station to wait for people to board. The two guys stood up to stand beside me.

"Is that guy bothering you?" one of the guys asked. He had curly hair and glasses. The other man was taller- with a crew cut. However, they both shared a look of concern that later put my faith back in humanity.

"Yes. He's been following me since 14th street." I said, trying to keep my voice even and calm. By this time, the creepy man threw his hands up and was denying anything sinister.

"I was just trying to ask her out and get to know her," he said- in his thick New York accent. Note: he didn't blink the entire time.

"Yeah, well she's not interested." the taller guy said. "So back the fuck up."

I felt so grateful for the both of them in this moment. They were two strangers who were putting themselves on the line for me.

I followed the two guys off the train, where they continued to walk with me up the stairs into the main PATH station. The man was nowhere in sight. After I thanked the tall man, he left.

"Thanks so much." I said to the guy with the glasses. "Be careful out here at night. There are some real whackjobs." he urged.

I promised I would.

He left me with a warm feeling inside. I looked behind me to make sure the weird guy wasn't following me, and I then made my way up the final staircase, towards home.