The Ukraine Needs Help

If you want peace. . . prepare for war.

Sleep doesn't come easily these days.

My heart is broken, and my brain is on overdrive, but I feel I must be strong.

Ukraine needs help, and it's like no one is listening. I feel like the world has gone insane. Everyone is just watching, awkwardly, while tons of innocent people are killed. I sat with a few people as they cried to me about the helplessness they feel in this situation.

Feeling particularly moved by this, I decided that it would be unacceptable for me not to become involved and active somehow. Thus, I am volunteering with a local organization, and figuring out how I can best be an asset. At the moment, I am trying to connect everyone with mental health services. So I have been awake for 24 hours, wracking my brain for as many solutions as possible.

From my perception, Putin is completely unhinged. Megalomania is an underrated condition. I fear the world isn't taking his state seriously enough and that history is repeating itself. This invasion was about more than just Ukraine. It was about domination, in general.