Looking After Drunk People in Hoboken

I stopped drinking July 11th, 2019.

Though I would not classify myself as an alcoholic, I am an extremely sensitive person in every way. Any substance I take impacts me- greatly.

It was just best for everyone.

Anyway, I thought this would be the last of my awkward drunk moments. But it wasn't.

Only, this time, I was not the person who was drunk. I was stone cold sober.

I'd just come out of the Dunkin Donuts near the Hoboken terminal. The people in there were nice, especially this one worker who would mumble a lot and provide me with extra donuts that I would give to my room-mates.

I came upon that pain in the ass cross-section where people can turn, and do so terribly. In front of me was a young woman- probably college aged. She was wearing platform shoes, looking very confused and stumbling.

I then realized that she was about to walk straight into traffic. The next 10 seconds moved in slow motion. Knowing that if I did nothing that this young girl would get hit by a car, I lunged forward and pulled her back. She stumbled into me- but we luckily didn't fall over.

She looked down at me- she was a bit taller, smelling like beer. Pretty- blue eyes, brownish hair parted in the middle. For a moment, I felt sadness. She was clearly noticeably drunk, and clearly no one was looking after her.

Even though I am also a young person, my motherly instincts (I'm not a mom) kicked in.

"Hey." she said. I don't even think she realized she almost was hit by a car.

"Hi. That was a close one. Are you okay?" I asked.

She nodded. "I c-alle-d an Uberr."

"Where is it stopping?" I asked.

"Downn furrtherr."

"I'll help you get to it. Is anyone home that can make sure you're okay?" I asked- knowing full well from my clinical knowledge that she could easily pass out and asphyxiate. Especially if her BAC was not at its highest peak yet, as she was still absorbing the alcohol.

"Yahh. My roomie." she waved her phone at me. It had several missed calls. Just then, a call came through.

"Can you deal with this? I just cant." she mumbled, leaning into me as we walked- as if she knew me her entire life. Maybe she was so drunk that she thought I was one of her friends? I would never know.

"Uh. Sure." I answered.

The sound of another young girl filled my ears. She said a name I can't quite remember. It started with a J. I guess it was the name of this girl.

"Hi. I am with your roommate. She is really drunk. She ordered a car and I am walking her there. Will you be home?"

"Ohmygod," the girl answered, "I was freaking out. She was wasted. I didn't know if she was still with those guys. I'm here for the rest of the night."

Not knowing who "those guys" were, but figuring it couldn't have been good, I reassured her.

"No worries. We are walking to her Uber. Then she will be home."

"Thankyou thankyou." she said, her voice squeaking with concern. I hung up, as I had to focus on guiding this girl, who was partially leaning on me, and I am tiny myself.

We rounded the corner. She pointed ahead with a shaky hand. "There."

We walked to a sedan. I helped her in. The Uber driver looked annoyed, but resigned. He'd probably picked up a lot of drunk people each night.

She looked up at me. "Thank you. Catch you laterrrr." she slurred.

The car pulled away, and I watched as she left- feeling relieved, but exhausted. I'd realized that the donuts I had were squished in my purse. My roommates would be pissed. I figured I should go home before more chaos ensued- so I made my way quickly to the train.