Many blood sucking creatures

Up until recently, that is, January 6th 2021, I had foolishly kept myself soundly out of political discussion, debates, or idealogies- besides voting in the Presidential elections.

That day shook me. It was the first day in my life where I became acutely aware of the privilege bestowed upon me since birth. Specifically, up until that day, and each night before, I slept soundly in the security of the unquestioning and unwavering belief that the democracy in which I lived was, and would always be, safe and sound.

That day shattered the comfy cozy fabric of that very insulted, hot cocoa mentality of peace. I realized that democracy was fragile. In fact, it was so fragile that, at any moment, it could be torn away by insane tyrants.

I felt personally offended and violated- as though the crazed mob was loitering up and down my mind and body, violating me too. I had never in my life felt so aligned with what was going on in a country I had taken for granted.

Since that terrible day, I’ve decided that politics must come into play in my own life. I would need to live and breathe my beliefs, and allow no one to preach dishonesty or irrationality. To be silent would be to allow this to continue.

Regardless, the massive extent of lies and information has grown into a formidable entity of it’s own- if not a formidable enemy.

Peace, love, and honesty must prevail.