The random sh!t people I don't know ask me to do for them

I find it rewarding to help people. This is why I have donated my life to this cause. In fact, I write this with a fried mind, after giving therapy sessions all day. However, sometimes I don't want to help anyone. Especially when I am walking around minding my own business. Seriously, not to be cold, but I am human ( a rather introverted one at that) and I need my headspace .

This peace is not to be, however, because as though I have some giant billboard glued to my forehead saying "I will help you. Pick me" - at least twice a day, I am asked to do all kinds of random shit for total strangers.

Not only that, but I will be somewhere minding my own business, again, ands someone will start unloading their day on me. Most recently, taking a train to visit Connecticut, this man sitting across from me shook his head at one of the train announcements, and then proceeded to unload his commuting troubles on me for an entire 30 minutes.

I sat there and nodded, exhausted from having listened to people's troubles all day, I feel no shame admitting that I wanted him to shut up in that moment.

The best is when strangers ask me to give them directions, walk them somewhere, or take a photo for them, or do some other random favor. One time, this girl asked me to check if she was bleeding through her white pants, because it was her period. After awkwardly giving her the thumbs up, she thanked me and walked away.

recently after going to the mall, a woman nearly pulled into the pedestrian walkway. she was confused. “You need to get me out of here. Please.“ she begged. I awkwardly directed traffic and left.