The Weird Shit that Happens to me (Update) Some Violent Guy at the PATH Station

Today started off like most of my days; weird AF.

I went to Dunkin Donuts to get my coffee, then to the harbor at Exchange Place, to soak in the view of the city, and start my day inspired. When I was done with this mini meditation, I made my way to the PATH train to go back towards home, to begin my work day. As soon as I got to the bottom, I heard a commotion.

Some dude was screaming and yelling about being the second coming of Christ. He had a rollable suitcase with him and was shouting and shoving it violently at everyone. People started to make their way quickly out of the platform, but the guy then started pacing around, blocking the only nearest exit, running back and forth between any path of retreat screaming and yelling. He started terrorizing a man trying to get away.

There was a crowd of people cowering, basically cornered, who didn’t know what to do. I felt my spine prickle with anger, seeing how scared these people were at this crazy, otherwise cowardly fuck. My concern and anger over this injustice overpowered my own instinct to run.

I took a sip of my cold brew, as if it were liquid courage, and tucked it under my arm.

I quickly assessed that this guy was either out of his fucking mind, or on meth. Or both. So, I shoved my own fears aside, and walked up to the cowering crowd. Everyone, including myself, was still shaken by the attack in Brooklyn not long before.

"Don't worry!" I said cheerfully.

"Everything will be okay. I have *what may or may not hypothetically be pepper spray*! If he comes near us, I am going to *hypothetically spray* the fuck out of him."

These two Muslim people nodded to me, with fear in their eyes. Turning my attention back towards the commotion, I placed myself as a barrier between the scared crowd, myself and the crazy man, who started to make his way over to us.

I braced myself for whatever it was I had to do to protect these innocent people, some of them very old, who did nothing but try to start their day today. I let my anger the injustice overcome me- to prepare me to fight him away from them, if I needed. Especially knowing I was probably the only person that had anything to fight him off with. And I could also throw my cold brew, to startle him maybe?

As he came closer, and closer, I could feel the sharp mixture of fear and adrenaline course through my body. I didn’t know what he was going to do- if he had weapons, or what to expect. All I knew was that he was almost 3 times my size. I kept myself steady, never taking my eyes off him. If anything, I could buy enough time for everyone to get away.

And just as it got tense, the train finally came.

We all rushed on. As soon as the door closed, everyone rejoiced. The Muslim couple thanked me, and we all went about our days.

Well, at least it did the job of waking me up.

and I didn’t even lose my Dunkin’ Donuts.