Trigger warning ⚠️ ** This is what it feels like

to starve yourself.

im not going to adhere to the rules of grammar in this post. I feel too raw. And the English language sucks at communicating most things anyway so ...

”Eat” by Poppy.

this girl is brilliant. Very seldom does a song bring me to tears, but this moves me. Because she captures the suffering of this illness in her very voice- the struggle between your body, as an animal clawing for nourishment, and your psyche fighting it every step of the way.

even the way she fixates on eating as a metaphor - and the word “eat” in general. you see, when your body is starving, even after you are no longer hungry, you become obsessed with food and eating. A Minnesota study, way back in the day, found that this obsession is actually a survival mechanism.

she also touches on the dichotomy of this disorder. really, it is about feeling in control. but at some point, your body takes over and so desperately wants someone else to take control and take the pain. but the battle continues.


def gonna check out more of her stuff. might write music reviews? Specifically about songs that touch on mental health topics. Not sure